Sunday, 12 March 2017

HxC Slim Floppy Emulator mount for Atari ST (small button version)

If you have a passing interest in vintage computers from the 80's & 90's you have probably come across a couple of devices like the HxC and Gotek floppy emulators. These two devices allow you to easily store and load thousands of retro software titles from an SD card or USB stick without the need to rely on ageing floppy disks.

As great as the HxC and Gotek floppy emulators are there are some issues when it comes to installing them in a machine such as an Atari ST or Commodore Amiga. Users will often find that they have to modify and cut the casing of their chosen computer to help make the device fit as the opening for the floppy drive was often sculpted around a non-standard floppy drive face plate. Another issue in respect of the Atari ST is that the connecting floppy drive ribbon cable is often very short which becomes a problem as it needs to be twisted 180° when attaching it to anything other than an original double density drive.

To solve the case cutting and ribbon cable twisting problem I designed a special mounting bracket for the HxC Slim Floppy emulator which allows the device to be mounted neatly and with minimal fuss inside the Atari ST.

The mount for the HxC slim attaches to the original 4 mounting posts (3 plastic, 1 brass) using the original floppy drive screws.

The HxC is mounted upside down so there is now no need to twist the floppy drive cable.

Also the faceplate is aesthetically designed to fit the bespoke floppy drive case opening with an imitation wedge shaped drive button. As a bonus I have also allowed extra space above the ROM chips so that various ROM switchers can be installed without touching the mount.


Each mount is 3D printed on a Makebot Replicator 2X using grey ABS plastic, with a build time of approx. 2 1/2 hours. The print quality is NOT professional but is decent enough for the task and makes a far tidier and easier job that cutting the case of the machine which never looks good and keeps everything as original as possible. I am always trying to improve the print quality as my knowledge and experience of 3D printing increases.

If you would like to buy a HxC slim mount for the Atari ST please use the PayPal links below. To keep costs as low as possible (time, energy, materials, prototypes, etc) I will send the mount with the printing rafts and supports still attached. These rafts and supports are fairly easy to break off but you may need a hobby knife or scalpel to remove some of the excess plastic.

To buy please use these PayPal links:

UK - HxC Slim mount for Atari ST (small button version) - £16.01 inc P&P

EUROPE - HxC Slim mount for Atari ST (small button version) - 17.01 inc P&P

REST OF WORLD - HxC Slim mount for Atari ST (small button version) - £18.01 inc P&P

Please note: I am only making these as they are required so please allow between 10-30 days for delivery.

Feel free to ask questions or leave a review in the comments box below.


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  1. Dave, I'm considering purchasing one of these slim units for just the very reasons you mentioned. Mainly, I don't want to butcher my case. I want to keep it as close to stock as possible. Your mount is like an answer to a prayer. However, I have a 1040STF with the large parallelogram shaped button under the drive, rather than the small button to the side. Would you happen to have anything for that model?