Thursday, 29 September 2016

Scott (DT Swiss) Equalizer 3 Shock Tool

Practically every bicycle suspension fork or shock available on the market can be taken apart and serviced with a few common tools and a little bit of patience by anyone, not just specialist service centres. Unfortunately the Equalizer 3 shock made for Scott by DT Swiss is not one of those shocks. Yes the shock is nicely engineered but it is no more complicated or difficult to service/bleed than anything else on the market - so there should be no reason why you can't do it yourself.

After repeated and unfruitful enquiries to Scott, DT Swiss and TF Tuned trying to get information on disassembly instructions, seals and tools to perform the job myself I got tired of their secrecy and unwillingness to share information.

So I designed my own set of tools in CAD that I will make available to my fellow mountain bike friends at the bottom of this post.

To do a basic service on the Equalizer 3 shock you need at least 3 specialist tools that you cannot purchase anywhere unless you are specialist shock servicing business. The 3 tools you need for basic disassembly are as follows:

  1. An inverted slot-head screwdriver - to undo the two small bleed valves
  2. A 4 pin spanner - to remove the chamber cap from the (-) negative chamber
  3. A 3 pin spanner - to remove the chamber caps from the (+) positive chambers

Tool 1 - The Inverted slot-head screwdriver

This tool is very easy to make by hand. All you need is an old screwdriver or piece of metal rod that has a diameter of 3mm. Start by cutting the end so that it is flat. Then cut a small vertical slot in the flat end. That's it, you've now made the first tool for the bleed valves.

Tool 2 - The 4 pin spanner adapter

You will find a lot of similar looking tools by doing a search on Google or eBay but they will not have the correct pin diameter or arrangement of pins.

This is the 4 pin spanner adapter I designed myself.

It fits over the upper part of the piston mount and locates snugly into all 4 pins on the (-) negative chamber cap. Then all that is needed is a standard 42mm socket (do not use an adjustable spanner or wrench as it creates unequal pressure on the adapter) to undo the cap.

Tool 3 - The 3 pin spanner adapter

Again, you will not find anything on Google or eBay that has the correct pin diameter or arrangement of pins.

This is the 3 pin spanner adapter I designed myself.

It fits over and locates snugly into all 3 pins on both the (+) positive chamber caps. Then all that is needed is a standard 26mm socket (do not use an adjustable spanner or wrench as it creates unequal pressure on the adapter) to undo the cap.

Now service your Equalizer 3 yourself!

As I said at the beginning of the post I am making the 4 pin and 3 pin spanner adapters (shown below) available for my mountain bike friends (the inverted slot-head screwdriver you need to make yourself). Each adapter is made from PLA or ABS plastic printed from a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer and the locating pins are made from steel. Each adapter has been tested and is strong enough for multiple uses using the correct size socket adapter (I do not recommend the use of a standard spanner or adjustable wrench as this will put unequal turning force on the adapter).

Please use one of the two blue PayPal links below and I will send you 1 x 4 pin tool and 1 x 3 pin tool. Please include your name, address and telephone number when you make the transaction.

Please note: I am only making these as they are required so please allow between 10-30 days for delivery.

Feel free to ask questions or leave a review in the comments box below.



  1. I would like to order the tools and instructions. Are they available to Canadians without paypal?

    1. Sure, send me your email and we can go from there. Thanks

  2. Hi I've bled my shock and sorted out it not retracting but I would like to replace the seals. Any idea where I can get them?

  3. I am assuming this tool will also work with the equalizer 2.

    1. Yep should do as I believe the caps are the same

  4. Hi Dave,

    I just sent you 60.00 for the Scott Equalizer tools via PP........ So great!

    I had my Equalizer 2 rebuilt by Oliver at Blue Liquid Labs a couple of years ago:

    Thanks! Eric

    1. Cheers Eric, thanks very much. Will send the tool tomorrow morning

  5. Hello! Do you still sell these tools?

  6. Okej good so how to do. I just pay you 60£ via PP and send you my adress?

  7. i have paid 60£ on the paypal link now, i hope you can se my address there?

    1. Hi Kalle, yes I have it thanks. Will get it printed and sent out before the weekend for you.

    2. Sent using airmail this morning, should be with you in a few days