Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Syncros 236153 skewer for Scott 142-RWS12 drop-outs

I upgraded the wheels on my Scott Genius LT40 2011 to some Easton carbons which required a larger axle. This also required me to change the rear drop outs on the frame from the standard quick release 135-RWS5  to the 142-RWS12 versions. This also meant I needed a larger diameter wheel skewer too.
It was a nightmare trying to find the correct wheel skewer for two reasons. Firstly the thread on the skewer is quite fine thread. Secondly the washer at the handle end of the skewer also has a specific shape so that it clamps the wheel to the frame effectively. The main problem was trying to find skewer that had the right thread and washer combination, the search was made particularly difficult due to the poor quality of photos available on online bike stores (like CRC),
After having ordered two incorrect skewers (DT Swiss RWS X-12 Alloy and DT Swiss RWS X-Lock Alloy) both of which either had the wrong thread or the wrong washer, I finally got the correct one (Syncros 236153) with a little help from the bike mechanic at my local bike shop. 

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