Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 no video / can't see video [SOLVED]

New Windows 10 laptop with dual Intel and nVidia graphics and a fresh installation of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 began with several hours of frustration as no matter what project I loaded it would not play video from my media library or my sequence timeline.

Finally after much hair loss I discovered that the nVidia control panel had cunningly selected the inferior Intel graphics adaptor as the default for Premiere Pro when it should be using the more capable nVida Geforce GTX 960M.

All I had to do to correct this was go into the nVidia Control Panel, select 'Manage 3D settings, then select the 2nd tab called 'Program Settings'. After this find Adobe Premiere in the 1st drop down list, then in the 2nd drop down list select 'High-performance NVIDIA processor'. Click 'Apply' at the bottom right of the window, close the Control Panel and reboot Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, you should now have video.

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